miércoles, 19 de noviembre de 2008


El presente Blog es una actividad que el Lic. Juan Enrique Cabrales S. nos sugirio esta forma de manejar a aprender a redactar o escribir nuestro Ingles.. A lo mejor no lo escribimos correctamente pero aprendemos practicando, simplemente es una manera distinta de entenderlo.

A mi me parecio una buena idea porque despues de todo me gusto mucho hacer estos blogs, porque a mi en lo personal me sirvio para entender un poco mas el ingles, ademas de que fue mas facil que todos mis compañeros hicieramos algo que nos sirve, porque la verdad hacer horas SAC, siento que perdemos un poco de tiempo, sin quitar la idea de que tambien nos sirve.

Bueno aqui les dejo una pic mia jeje..


Rewrite these questions as noun clauses.
1 - It is possible to stop people from littering? I wonder whether or not it's possible to stop people form littering.
2 - How can we convince people to pick up after their dogs? I'd like to figure out how we can convince people to pick up after their dogs.
3 - Why do motorcycles have to be so loud? Why do motorcycles have to be so loud is a mystry to me.
4 - When are they going to help the homeless people? I'd like to know when they are going to help the homeless people.
5 - How can I help to maintain the city parks? I want to find out how I can help to maintain the city parks.
6 - Would hiring more police help to lower crime? I wonder if hiring more police would help to lower crime.
7 - Why can't the city add more street lights? I don't understand why the city can't add more steet lights.
8 - Why do drivers honk their horns so much? Why drivers honk their horns so much is something I can't understand.


Today, I will write about my family. I have a very large family and we are very close to each other.
We love each other very much. Each last day of every month get together to have lunch or dinner in the house it a different relative, have lots of fun.
I have some uncles who are very nice, are the most exciting know. I have no words to describe my grandparents, they are the best.

Doesn't matter because my cousins are my brothers. I am very thankful for having such a great family, I wouldn it change them fon anything.


My favorite walet is coffee with gold colors favorites. Is a walet Tous.
I very much like because my boyfriend i gift on a journey we together to the city of Mexico for almost two years.
I love to fashion and although so nice as i love because i combined with all ..
I believe may use another year but if is that i cannot find another nice.


High School is a more fun that never remembered in my life.
Start the preparatory and finish before 18 years old.
I think that was the stage more beautiful because my was entering the stage of the party.
I was feeling a girl large Jaja, i had many experiences beautiful, one of these was that in 2003 win a contest of Miss cbtis 164 and Miss Congeniality, i dont believe but it was true.
Another experience is that i had my first boyfriend. I found it very good friends and not so friends Jajaja.


In this part of blog i would like to talk about my grandmother and mother were two people of my life.
Are the people that i love more than my life.
My grandmother to my is my best friend, is the person with which i trust for whatever , every Sunday after have family reunion and i are going to the coffe and chat. And my mom is the person you live, which simply makes great for giving me the life.
Character has a difficult but it is good and me first of all.


My favorite movie is looking for NEMO movie that i love i seems very tender.
I have seen by more than 42 times and missing.
Looking for NEMO is a movie that framework a part of my life when i was 16 years.
With the passage of time i learned almost all dialog boxes of the movie.
Is the movie child but sweet i have seen, all the characters and the whole world acuatic in the movie.